Whirlpool Dryer Preferred Energy Settings

In 2014, Whirlpool introduced its HybridCare technology. The Whirlpool Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer was one of the newest products to stem from the HybridCare technology. A detailed description of the new Whirlpool Dryer preferred energy settings can be found in your Whirlpool Dryer Energy Guide, as well as in this helpful article. The Whirlpool Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer uses advanced sensors found inside the dryer to control the temperature of the air. These sensors can also manage how much energy is being used to dry the clothes.

Older dryers use a lot of energy because they use heated, moist air to dry the clothes, which is why your clothes are so warm after the cycle is complete.

The Whirlpool Hybrid Heat Pump Dryer uses a ventless heat pump that relies on a refrigeration system to dry the clothes. This system recycles the same air throughout the entire cycle and relies on the advanced sensors to measure when clothes are dry.

Whirlpool Dryer Preferred Energy Settings

The Whirlpool Energy Modes include three drying modes that focus on your needs as a user. Your preferred settings will depend on your individual needs including how quickly you need your load dried.

Speed Mode

Speed mode provides users with the fastest dry times. However, the quick results will come at a price: Speed Mode consumes the most energy to get your clothes dry.

Whirlpool Speed Mode doesn’t feel fast enough? Keep in mind the drying times on the speed cycle are still a bit longer than drying times on a traditional dryer.

Balanced Mode

Balanced mode is a mixture between the speed mode and the Eco mode. It will increase the length of the cycle when compared to the speed mode, but it will also provide you with some energy savings.

This is a good choice if a fast dry time is important, but you still want to conserve energy.

Eco Mode

Eco mode will provide you with the most energy savings, but will take longer to complete a full cycle. Choose the energy mode if dry time is not of concern.

If you feel like the dryer isn’t drying fast enough, move your dryer to Speed Mode to compare results. Still not working? Call a dryer repair company for a diagnosis of your machine. The one thing to bear in mind with all three of these Whirlpool Dryer Preferred Energy settings is that your clothes are will come out of the dryer feeling cooler than they would if you were using a traditional dryer. So don’t get worried when you go to grab your fresh laundry from the dryer and don’t feel the warm clothes. To get more information on how the Whirlpool HybridCare Dryer works, click here and see all the benefits.

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