What Does Whirlpool Factory Authorized Mean? Does it Matter?

When your appliance isn’t working, you just want someone to fix the problem—and fast. With all the jargon surrounding appliance repair, scheduling service can get a bit overwhelming. If you’re wondering what Whirlpool Factory Authorized means, we’ve got the answer (and then some). In short, it means that your appliance will be repaired by a technician who is on your side, which can literally save you hundreds in unwanted repair bills.

Here’s why…

What Does Whirlpool Factory Authorized Mean?

Whirlpool Factory Authorized is a designation granted by Whirlpool Corporation to appliance repair companies to provide advanced service on Whirlpool brand products.

If your appliance is still within the manufacturer’s warranty (and you want Whirlpool to pay for the repair), then you must use a factory authorized repair company to fix the appliance. This is actually a good thing! Companies who have earned the Whirlpool Factory Authorized designation have passed extensive drug, criminal and background checks.

what does whirlpool factory service mean

But that’s not all…

Whirlpool Factory Authorized technicians receive technical support directly from Whirlpool. This means that a Whirlpool technician will have extensive knowledge about current product recalls, common repair issues, and product trends. He’ll also have direct contact (via phone support) to a Whirlpool technician, which allows him to call for help while he’s in your home if he’s unable to isolate the problem. Additionally, your Whirlpool Factory Authorized technician can assist with warranty claims or help you request special coverage from Whirlpool should you have an ongoing problem with the appliance.

Whirlpool Factory Authorized companies also receive administrative support from Whirlpool to ensure each repair starts off right. Whirlpool prescreens each call to provide technical guidance and possible repair scenarios so the dispatchers and parts department is a step ahead when it comes to administrating your repair. This often results in faster repair times and an overall better service outcome.

Does Whirlpool Factory Authorized Service Really Matter?

Although anyone can claim to repair your Whirlpool appliance, a Factory Authorized Technician can ensure you get the coverage and support you need. The following scenarios outline when Factory Authorized care is important:

  • Your Product is In-Warranty: If your appliance breaks within the first 12 months of ownership, Whirlpool will cover the cost of repair. Although certain repairs aren’t covered, such as cosmetic issues like broken light bulbs or scratches, most repairs will be completely free to you for the first 12 months. However, your repair is only covered by Whirlpool if you use a Whirlpool Factory Authorized provider.
  • Your Product is Covered by a 2-5 Year Parts Warranty: If the 1st year warranty on your appliance has expired, and you decide to go with an appliance repair company that’s not factory authorized, you may miss out on the parts only warranty coverage. Many Whirlpool appliances are covered by an additional 2-10 year warranty for select parts. Usually, these parts are really expensive, so if your appliance technician doesn’t alert you that the part is covered (because he’s not factory authorized), you could end up spending a lot of money on a repair that should have been covered by Whirlpool. Some parts covered by longer warranties include refrigerator sealed systems, washing machine drive system belts and pulleys, washer outer tubs, and more.
  • There’s a Recall on Your Product: From time to time, Whirlpool will issue a recall or special repair coverage on certain failures. If your product falls under the repair recall, a Whirlpool technician will help you get the issue fixed at little to no cost. If your technician isn’t authorized, chances are he doesn’t know about the recall.
  • You Have Seen the Same Issue Several Times: If you’re having problems with your appliance, and multiple repairs haven’t fixed the issue, an authorized technician can help by requesting special coverage from Whirlpool.

If your appliance is broken, it’s a good idea to contact a Factory Authorized company for service. This will ensure you get the best possible support for your product, and protects you from paying for parts or services that may be covered by the manufacturer.

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