Signs That You May Be in Need of Washing Machine Repair

The average American family does close to 300 loads of laundry each year, which makes their washing machine one of the most heavily used appliances in their home. Doing this much laundry can put a lot of wear and tear on the appliance, which can cause components to fail over time.

However, with an appliance that you and your family depend on this greatly, it is important that it be working properly at all times. This makes it vital that you can tell when you are in need of washing machine repair. Here are a few of the signs you may need a washing machine repair.

How to Know When You Need Washer Repair Service

The Drum Does Not Completely Fill With Water

This is a common problem for homeowners that can be difficult for them to determine the cause of. Before you assume the worst about your washing machine, however, check to make sure that the problem is not being caused by something simple such as a kink in one of your hoses, or a faucet that was accidentally turned off. If it is not one of these issues, it is important that you do not disregard this issue and simply wash smaller loads of clothes. This problem could be indicative of a complicated issue with your washer and should be addressed by a professional.

There is Water in the Drum After it Drains

Many individuals will see water at the bottom of their washing machine after a cycle and will assume that it was a fluke, or that it is not a big issue. However, there should not be any water left in your machine after it drains. Water still being in your washer at the end of a cycle can be indicative of many potential issues being wrong with your washing machine. It is likely that there is something wrong with your washing machine’s water pump. If this is the case, it is important to have your washing machine repaired as soon as possible.

Knowing these common signs can help you to determine if your washing machine is in need of repair. However, with an appliance that you and your family rely on so greatly, it is advisable that you do not wait until an issue manifests to have your washing machine inspected. Having your washing machine looked at and serviced at least once a year can help you to avoid these problems.

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