Samsung Range Burner Not Working

Samsung Range Burner Not Working? Here’s the Fix!

Are you dealing with a Samsung Range Burner not working? Don’t fret; we can help! There are several reasons why your Samsung range burner won’t light, and we will discuss the most common reasons in this post.

Why Is My Samsung Gas Range Burner Not Working

When your range burner won’t ignite, it can seem like a major problem. Our guide explains easy steps for troubleshooting (and hopefully resolving) the issue quickly.

Check for Power Issues

If your Samsung range burner won’t work, the first step is to check for power issues. Make sure that your Samsung range is plugged into an outlet and that the outlet is working.

If no power is present, there might be an issue with the fuse or circuit breaker. Check your fuse box or circuit breaker panel to see if any of the fuses or breakers have been tripped. If they have, reset them and try turning on your Samsung range burner again.

Check for Moisture in the Burner

Have you cleaned your range top recently or boiled over a pot of water? If so, the burner won’t light issue may have been caused by moisture. If there is too much moisture in the burner, it will not ignite.

To check for moisture in the burner, remove the grate and use a q-tip and dry rag to clean the holes around the edge of the burner. If any water comes out, you will need to dry the burner off before trying to ignite it.

You can try using a hairdryer on high heat to dry the burner off, or you can wait until it dries on its own. Once the burner is dry, put the grate back in place and try igniting your Samsung range again.

Check for Food Debris in the Burner

No moisture found? Be sure to also check for food debris. Food debris can cause your Samsung range burner to not ignite.

To check for food debris, remove the grate from the Samsung range burner and use a toothpick or paper clip to poke into each of the holes around the edge of the burner. If you find any food debris, clean it out using a toothbrush or q-tip. Once the burner is clean, put the grate back in place and try igniting your Samsung range again.

Check for Loose or Burnt Wire Connections

Finally, prior to troubleshooting part failures, double-check that there are no loose or burnt wire connections to the Samsung range burner. If you find any, reattach them and try igniting your Samsung gas range again.

If all of these troubleshooting tips don’t work, it might be time to call in a professional. But before you do that, let’s review some of the common part malfunctions that lead to the repair complaint: Samsung gas range burner won’t light.

Common Part Failures for Samsung Range Burner Won’t Light

If you’ve checked all the common solutions, now it’s time to consider the possibility of a faulty Samsung range part. Here are the most common Samsung range parts that cause ignition failure:

  1. Faulty Spark Module: If your Samsung range spark module has failed, it will prevent the Samsung range burner from lighting. The spark module is responsible for creating a spark that ignites the gas in the Samsung range burner.
  2. Faulty Spark Ignition Switch: If the spark ignition switch fails, the Samsung range burner will not light. The spark ignition switch is responsible for supplying power to the spark module.
  3. Faulty Gas Valve: If the gas valve fails, it won’t allow any gas to flow to the Samsung range burner, preventing it from lighting.
  4. Faulty Spark Electrode: The spark electrode is responsible for creating the spark that lights the Samsung range burner. If it fails, the Samsung range burner will not light.

If you’re unable to fix the problem on your own, contact Sharper Service Solutions for help. We have years of experience repairing Samsung appliances and can get your range up and running again in no time. And for more tips like our range and oven maintenance checklist, check out our blog!

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