How to Naturally Clean Your Oven

Cleaning an oven is certainly no fun, but it is a necessary evil. An excessively dirty oven can actually decrease its performance over time.

Some ovens contain a self-cleaning option, but we recommend using that feature sparingly (the extreme temperatures used to self-clean can cause damage to the oven when used repeatedly). So whether or not you have that option, it’s a good idea to periodically clean it by hand.

There are many store-bought cleaning solutions you can use to clean your oven, however many of them contain harsh chemicals. If you want to know how to naturally clean your oven, look no further!

Check out these video highlights from “How to Clean Your Oven With Baking Soda and Vinegar”, courtesy of Bethany Fontaine’s YouTube channel:

How to Naturally Clean Your Oven

#1: Get Ready

Take out the oven racks and gathering the ingredients for this cleaning job, which includes: baking soda, warm water, and vinegar.

#2: Prep your solution

Add the baking soda and water together and mix (hold off on the vinegar for now). She recommends 1 cup baking soda and 1/3 cup water.

How to Naturally Clean Your Oven

#3: Apply the mixture

Next, liberally apply the baking soda mixture across the surface of your oven using a cloth or a sponge. Let it sit with the oven lid open overnight.

#4: Add more cleaning power

Fill an empty spray bottle with white vinegar and spray it into your oven. After letting it absorb for a few minutes, begin wiping away residue with warm water and towel.

#5: Use a little elbow grease

To get the stuck-on bits off, you can use a spatula to gently peel these pieces off. But if you have an oven with a self-cleaning feature, you may want to skip this step. Scraping could cause damage to the oven’s pyrolytic coating, which is needed for self-cleaning.

#6: Enjoy the beauty!

After you’ve wiped out your oven with a warm damp cloth, followed by a dry one… TA DA! Your oven is now sparkling clean.

To watch Bethany’s video in its entirety, check it out below!

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