LG dryer making squealing noise

Why Is My LG Dryer Making Noise While Running?

Some dryer noise is par for the course and indicates normal operation. But other sounds make you wonder, “Why is my LG dryer making noise that’s louder than usual?” Squealing and squeaking could be due to overloading or a broken drive belt. Learn how to decipher specific sounds when your LG dryer is noisy so you can determine the right solution. 

How to Make Sense Out of an LG Dryer Making Noise

Sometimes a minor adjustment is all that’s needed to quiet an LG dryer making noise, while other sounds require a professional repair. Our troubleshooting tips cut to the source of common dryer noises to quickly silence the sound.

Dryer Makes Humming Noise

Humming sounds are actually a normal dryer noise. As the blower mower pulls air out of the dryer it typically makes a humming sound that’s part of typical operation.

Dryer Is Rattling

Is your dryer making noise when tumbling that sounds like rattling? There are several possible causes for this common sound that can be fixed with an easy adjustment.

These factors can each result in a loud rattling noise:

  • Unfastened hardware: Zippers and buttons can make a loud rattling sound as they tumble in the dryer drum. Always close zippers and fasten buttons or turn clothing inside out before drying to minimize noise.
  • Loose exhaust vent: A dryer’s metal exhaust vent can rattle if it’s become loose. Check the venting to make sure it’s secure. This can also be a good time to perform a vent cleaning in accordance with our dryer maintenance tips.
  • Dryer is touching other objects: If the dryer is touching a wall, shelving, or the washer, its vibrations can cause a rattling sound. Try to leave at least an inch of space around the dryer on all sides.

lg dryer making noise
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Dryer Making Thumping Sound

Thumping sounds are often due to an overloaded dryer drum. If the drum is crowded with too many clothes or several large items, this heavy load can thump when it tumbles.

To improve dryer speed and quiet an LG dryer running loud, follow these tips to prevent overloading: 

  • Only dry one wash load at a time
  • Fill the dryer no more than ¾ of the way full
  • Balance oversize items with 1-2 smaller pieces or dry them separately

A dryer may also make a thumping sound when it’s turned on after a long period of disuse. This is because the drum rollers tend to flatten when they’re not used, causing the dryer to thump as it rotates. The thumping sound should only last a few minutes before the drum rollers regain their shape and the drum rotates smoothly.

Dryer Squeaks or Grinds

An LG dryer making noise like squeaks or grinding may also be overloaded. While the above tips to prevent overloading can reduce these sounds, you may also need to check your washer. Clothes that are still wet after a washer’s spin cycle ends will cause excess weight in the dryer drum. The heavier load may make the drum squeak or grind as it struggles to rotate.

To remove as much water as possible before drying, make sure your washer setting includes an adequate spin cycle for your wash load. If clothes are still excessively wet after a wash cycle ends, your washer may need service.

lg dryer is noisy

Defective LG Dryer Parts

If all else fails, an LG dryer making noise while running may be due to a part failure.

The following parts can make loud noise when they fail and should be replaced by a professional dryer repair service:

  • Defective LG dryer drum bearing: The drum bearing supports the rear of the dryer drum. If it wears out, you’ll hear your LG dryer making squealing noise as it spins.
  • Broken drive belt: This belt conveys power from the motor to turn the drum. If it frays or breaks, the drum can make a squealing or thumping sound when it rotates.
  • Worn drum roller: Drum rollers support the weight of the dryer drum. Over time, they can wear out, resulting in a loud rumbling sound during the dryer’s rotation. Even if only one drum roller is worn out, a dryer repair service will typically replace all of them at the same time.

Don’t let an LG dryer making noise ruin your peace and quiet. Call Sharper Service Solutions to silence the sound with a fast repair!

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