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Holiday Guide: How to Plan for Thanksgiving

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Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy a festive meal with family and friends. But for the frenzied host, enjoying the day can seem like a tall order. To help you host and appreciate the Thanksgiving holiday, the experts at Sharper Service Solutions put together the ultimate guide for how to plan for Thanksgiving!

Our Tips On How to Plan for Thanksgiving

Our Thanksgiving checklist covers everything from how to roast a turkey to skipping cooking altogether for the best Portland-area catering options. With a little preparation, knowing how to plan for Thanksgiving can make for a happy host on the big day.

How to Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey

Our Thanksgiving planning guide starts with some guidance for one of the holiday’s biggest questions: how to cook a turkey. Our Thanksgiving turkey recipe provides simple step-by-step instructions for both first-time hosts and novice chefs. We’ll answer how to prep your turkey for roasting and how to make flavorful herb butter as well as provide cooking times and Turkey Carving 101.

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Avoid Self-Cleaning Your Oven

For many hosts, how to plan for Thanksgiving starts with having a clean oven for one of its busiest cooking days. However, there are several self-cleaning oven dangers to be aware of before using this feature close to Thanksgiving.

The self-clean feature’s high temperatures could lead to oven malfunctions such as broken heating elements, overheated wiring, and blown fuses, many requiring an oven repair service to fix. We suggest avoiding the use of the oven’s self-clean function to lessen the risk of breakdowns that may not be repaired in time for Thanksgiving.

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How to Clean Your Oven Naturally

If you do want your oven to be clean for Thanksgiving we recommend using a natural cleaning method to avoid the risk of any malfunctions from the self-cleaning feature. Our Thanksgiving prep list details how to make and apply a simple mixture of baking soda and vinegar that can be left on overnight and easily wiped away the next day. Not only is this method free of harsh chemicals, but it also contains natural ingredients and simple supplies that many of us already have on hand.

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Local Thanksgiving Catering Options

Sometimes the key to holiday host happiness is to skip cooking altogether and have your Thanksgiving feast catered. This can be especially true if you’re planning Thanksgiving for a large group, have a small kitchen, or your oven or another appliance is down for the count.

Our guide for how to plan for Thanksgiving has a list of catering options for Portland and beyond for every holiday need. Our choices include options for single dinners all the way up to feasts for 10 with multiple selections beyond the traditional turkey and stuffing. If a no-cook holiday makes your hosting duties less stressful, our catering list has you covered.

Our guide for how to plan for Thanksgiving is designed to lessen the stress of hosting so you can enjoy what’s most important about the holiday: spending time with family and friends. From all of us at Sharper Service Solutions, we wish you a Healthy and Happy Thanksgiving!

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