how to get pet hair out of clothes

How to Get Pet Hair Out of Clothes Before Washing

If you’re a pet owner, then you know that pet hair can be a huge pain. Not only does it get all over your furniture and carpets, but it also seems to find its way onto your clothes! To help you solve this problem, we will teach you how to get pet hair out of clothes before washing them. This will help keep the hair from getting tangled up in your washing machine, and it will also help to prevent the spread of pet hair throughout your home.

Our Tips for How to Get Pet Hair Out of Clothes

When too much pet hair goes in the washer, it can cause a clog and your washer not draining, and cause wear and tear to your washing machine. To prevent this from happening, here are some easy steps you can take to get pet hair off of clothes before you wash them. So if you are ready to say goodbye to pet hair, let’s figure out how to get pet hair out of clothes together!

How to Remove Pet Hair Before Washing

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Lint roller or tape
How To Remove Pet Hair Before Washing

Step 1: Vacuum Your Clothing Item. Before washing, it is important to vacuum your clothing item first. This will help remove any large clumps of pet hair that may be stuck in the fabric. You can use either an upright vacuum or a handheld vacuum for this task, whichever you prefer. Use a softer tool and be gentle, so as to not damage the fabric. Don’t place the actual whole vacuum on the clothing, just use the brush tool and lightly go over it.

Step 2: Use a Lint Roller or Tape. If there are still smaller clumps of pet hair on your fabric, try using a lint roller or some tape to get them off. This method is best used on softer fabrics, like sweaters or t-shirts. Start at the top of your item and roll downward in a single direction to ensure that all of the pet hair has been removed.

Step 3: Shake Out Your Clothing Item. After vacuuming and rolling, shake out your clothing item outdoors to get rid of any remaining pet hair. Be sure to stand far away from the item while doing this so that you don’t inhale the particles in the air.

Once you have followed these steps, your clothing item should be mostly free of pet hair. Now on to washing.

How to Wash Your Clothes with Pet Hair

It is important to take certain steps when washing pet hair-ridden clothes in order to keep the machine clear and working properly.

Step 1: Use a Mesh Laundry Bag. To begin with, we’d recommend putting your clothing item into a mesh laundry bag before placing it in the washing machine, especially if there’s a lot of hair still on. This will help prevent any loose pet hair from circulating through the machine and causing clogs.

Step 2: Select a Gentle Cycle. For optimal cleaning results, select a gentle cycle on your washing machine. This will help minimize agitation in the washer so that pet hair doesn’t become tangled in the fabric.

Step 3: Use Cold Water & Mild Detergent. Washing pet hair off of clothes is best done with cold water and mild detergent. Hot water can cause the pet hair to adhere even more to the fabric, so it’s best to stick to cold.

How to Dry Your Clothes with Pet Hair

There should be almost no hair on the clothes right now, but it is still important to take the right steps when it comes to drying.

How to Dry Your Clothes with Pet Hair

Step 1: Use Low Heat and a Dryer Sheet. To avoid any static buildup in your clothes, use low heat and a dryer sheet while drying pet hair-laden items. This will also help reduce the amount of pet hair that may remain on the fabric after it is dried. We also have ideas for homemade dryer sheets if you are out of regular sheets!

Step 2: Shake Out Your Clothing Item Before Placing in Dryer. Just like before you washed it, shake out your clothing item before putting it into the dryer to remove any remaining pet hair. This will help keep the hair from becoming tangled in the machine and clogging up its components.

Step 3: Clean Out Your Dryer Filter. Finally, don’t forget to clean out your dryer filter after each load of laundry. This will help ensure that any pet hair that may have been collected during the drying process is removed and doesn’t cause any clogs later on.

By following these steps, you will know how to get pet hair out of clothes before washing and drying.  This will help keep your machines clean and working properly for years to come. Good luck! And for any appliance repair needs, don’t forget to give Sharper Service Solutions a call!

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