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Laundry Tips: Best Homemade Dryer Sheet Replacements

There’s nothing more refreshing than the smell of clean laundry fresh from the dryer. There are dozens of dryer sheet options that smell nice, remove wrinkles, and eliminate static, but the best options may already be in your home! If you’re a health-conscious person, have sensitive skin, or just want to save money on dryer sheets, you might be interested in a homemade dryer sheet replacement.

Homemade Dryer Sheet Replacement Options

If you’re ever in a pinch and need a temporary solution, there are plenty of alternatives to using store-bought dryer sheets. Chances are, you have at least one of these DIY dryer sheet alternatives handy. Before making that emergency trip to the grocery store, take a trip to the pantry instead.

Aluminum Foil Balls

You can use aluminum foil instead of dryer sheets to eliminate static from clean laundry. All you’ll need to do is tear off a sheet the size of a piece of construction paper, crumple enough together to make a ball around the size of a fist, and toss it into the dryer. These are completely DIY reusable dryer sheets, and one way to create a homemade dryer sheet replacement while also saving you money.

Ice Cubes

If you’ve ever reached into an empty box and wondered, “What can I use instead of dryer sheets?” you probably didn’t know that ice cubes are great at eliminating wrinkles. It might seem a little like some strange appliance magic, but it’s true! Just toss a few cubes in, crank the dryer to the highest temperature setting and wait for your iron-less, wrinkle-free load.

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Vinegar Cloth

Vinegar is another handy homemade dryer sheet replacement. Coupled with the right essential oils, vinegar can leave your clothes soft and smelling fresh with no trouble at all. Just take a cloth that you don’t mind throwing in the dryer a few times and dampen it with your favorite apple cider vinegar. Then add it to your load, and you’ll be drying without dryer sheets in no time!

Wool Dryer Balls

One of the more thrifty homemade dryer sheet replacements is a set of wool dryer balls. If you make these yourself, you can use whatever patterns you’d like to make them more visible. Keep in mind that white wool dryer balls might get thrown into the towel basket! Otherwise, you can buy these in any color, size, or design you want.

Wool dryer balls have no scent on their own, so there are no chemicals in them that might be in those store-bought dryer sheets. Wool dryer balls are also super helpful if your dryer takes forever to dry. They can increase air circulation and help speed up the drying process.

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Now that you know all about homemade dryer sheet replacements, why not take a look at our top dryer cleaning tips? Keep in mind that while these guides are extremely helpful, they won’t fix everything. If your dryer is malfunctioning, no amount of DIY dryer sheet remedies and dryer cleaning tips will help. In case your dryer is malfunctioning and you are in need of dryer repair service, call Sharper Service Solutions.

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