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What Foods Shouldn’t Be Frozen? 10 Foods You Should Never Freeze

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Your freezer is a valuable tool for preserving foods and making them last longer. On the same note, there are many foods you should never freeze. Freezing can affect flavor and texture at times and just may not be the perfect solution for every food.

So if you’re asking what foods shouldn’t be kept in the freezer, we’ve got you covered.

Here Are the Foods You Should Never Freeze

We often see questions like “can you refreeze defrosted meat?”, “can you put milk in the freezer?”, and more. We’re here to share with you the most common options and let you know just what foods shouldn’t be frozen.

1. Defrosted Meats

Can you refreeze defrosted meat? You should never freeze and then defrost and refreeze your meats. If you check out the USDA guidelines, they tell you it’s safe within certain parameters but you must be very careful if you decide to do so. It’s not recommended.

When you freeze meat and then let it defrost, the meat changes. If you try to refreeze it again, not only will it be dry but you’re also setting the stage for bacterial growth on the meat. Don’t defrost meat unless you can use it!

foods you shouldn't put in the freezer

2. Fried Foods

In terms of foods you should never freeze, fried foods are among them. We all love those tasty French fries straight out of the oil or air fryer but when you put them in the freezer, they just end up soggy and gross.

3. Eggs in the Shell

Eggs in their shell fall into what foods shouldn’t be frozen as well. This is because they expand in a frozen state and are likely to explode and make a huge mess in your freezer. You can freeze eggs in other forms so just be sure they are not in the shell when you try to freeze them. Some refrigerator organization tips might be better for your eggs.

4. Milk

This is a big one. Can you put milk in the freezer? There are a lot of mixed answers here. You should only freeze milk as a last resort. If you do freeze milk, it won’t be good for drinking afterward but might be suitable for cooking purposes. The taste will change and it may even be a little clumpy.

foods you should never freeze

5. Pasta – Cooked

Can you freeze pasta? The answer is: it depends. Some people will freeze dry pasta but it isn’t really necessary. You can make ahead freezer meals with sauce and other ingredients that use dry pasta. If you cook the pasta, you run into an issue with soggy pasta when you cook that dish.

6. Canned Carbonated Beverages

You know what shouldn’t be kept in the freezer ever? A can of soda! If you put that can in there to get it cooled quickly, you better remember to take it out! Otherwise, you’re probably going to hear it explode and find a nasty, sticky mess. We would hate for you to need a freezer repair service from a frozen beverage!

7. Rice

Don’t try to freeze your cooked rice. It’s worse than freezing cooked pasta. It will be mushy and soggy after freezing and will also most likely lose what little flavor it had as well.

what food shouldn't be kept in the freezer

8. Raw Potatoes

If you’re going to try to freeze potatoes, don’t try raw potatoes. Potatoes are foods you shouldn’t put in the freezer because they will become soft and grainy. If your potatoes are cooked, freezing is just fine!

9. Salad Fillings

Those salad greens you love so much are foods you should never freeze. The greens in particular become soggy and mushy and no amount of freezing will save them.

10. Herbs

Herbs that are soft in nature don’t freeze well. They will turn brown and become gooey and mushy in the freezer. You can dry them but don’t freeze them!

All of these and more fall into the foods you should never freeze. These categories are some of the most common ones that are commonly misunderstood to be freezable. Take it from us – it’s just not worth it! If you have trouble understanding how to keep ice tasting fresh, following these tips can help.

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