electrolux dryer takes two cycles to dry

Here’s Why Your Electrolux Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry

The goal of doing laundry, besides getting clothes clean, is to get it done as fast as possible. So when your Electrolux dryer takes too long to dry your whole day feels dampened, as well as your clothes. We’ll troubleshoot why an Electrolux dryer doesn’t dry from power supply problems to restricted airflow.

Where to Start When Your Electrolux Dryer Takes Too Long to Dry

So, why is my Electrolux dryer not drying? It’s easy to assume that a part has malfunctioned when your Electrolux dryer takes too long to dry. However, the dryer isn’t always the problem. We’ll review where to start troubleshooting, beginning outside the dryer.

#1 – Insufficient Power

When your Electrolux dryer leaves clothes damp sometimes its power source is to blame. An electric dryer requires a 240V outlet to receive sufficient power to adequately operate. A standard, 120V outlet will provide less power and can make the dryer take 3x longer to get the job done.

Your dryer’s power cord could also be responsible when its performance suffers. A damaged cord should be replaced, as it can cause the dryer to receive inconsistent power and could also be why your dryer doesn’t start. Lastly, refrain from using an extension cord. A typical extension cord can’t safely deliver the level of electricity the dryer requires.

#2 – Drying Too Many Items

We’ve probably all tried to squeeze a few more pieces of clothing in the dryer to avoid drying an extra load. But overloading the dryer can lengthen drying times, to the point where your Electrolux dryer takes two cycles to dry everything.

Load the dryer with one washer load per cycle, ideally filling it only 2/3 of the way full for maximum airflow. Refer to your user manual re: load recommendations for your model dryer.

electrolux dryer takes too long to dry


#3 – Incorrect Residual Moisture Level

To lessen drying times and save resources most dryers have a residual moisture level sensor. This sensor stops the drying cycle before it ends if the clothes are already dry. When your Electrolux dryer takes too long to dry the moisture level sensor may not be at the optimal setting for your load. Adjust the moisture sensor to a greater or lesser level of dryness to best suit your drying needs.

#4 – Clothes Too Wet After Washing

Sometimes it’s your washer that’s responsible when the dryer takes too long to dry. Using a wash setting without a spin cycle or selecting an insufficient spin cycle will leave clothes too wet and drying will take longer. Make sure your clothes aren’t too wet before placing them in the dryer. If you do use the proper spin cycle and clothes are still too wet it may indicate a washer malfunction.

#5 – Dryer Air Flow Problems

A clogged lint trap or vents can also create long drying times. This is because lint or other debris can limit airflow to the dryer and clothes won’t have access to the hot air they need to dry. Dryer vent cleaning tips can help ensure proper airflow to the dryer as well as these suggestions:

  • Clean out the dryer lint trap after every drying cycle
  • Also check the lint trap compartment, removing any collected lint
  • Inspect the dryer hose to make sure it isn’t restricted by crimps or pinches
  • Remove any lint that may be blocking your outside vent
  • Clean the inside of your vent hose with a brush or vacuum attachment yearly to prevent clogs

electrolux dryer leaves clothes damp


#6 – Broken Dryer Component

If your Electrolux dryer still takes too long to dry after these measures it’s possible a broken component is to blame. An electric dryer may have a burned out heating element. A gas dryer may have faulty gas solenoids that fail to allow gas flow to the dryer burner. We suggest a professional service to assess for any malfunctioning components.

As your local dryer service professionals, Sharper Service Solutions is here to help when your Electrolux dryer takes too long to dry. Call us today to schedule a repair!

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