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5 Easy Summer Dessert Recipes to Beat the Heat

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Summer’s heat will come and go, but dessert cravings are everlasting. So how can you still enjoy the season’s sweetest flavors without long baking sessions? We’ll share our favorite easy summer dessert recipes from s’mores brownies to grilled peaches that satisfy your sweet tooth and keep you cool.

Celebrate the Season With Easy Summer Dessert Recipes

Is your oven not baking properly or has summer’s heat got you down? Don’t worry, because we have easy summer dessert recipes that are done in minutes with minimal oven use. And each one maximizes summer’s best flavors from toasted marshmallows to fresh seasonal produce.

S’mores Brownies

This is one of those easy summer desserts that uses a boxed brownie mix to keep kitchen time to a minimum. After lining a baking dish with graham crackers, simply pour the assembled mix over the crackers and bake. Top the brownies with marshmallows when there are 10 minutes left in the baking time. Looking for the brown, toasty exterior of real s’mores? After baking, broil for 2 minutes to give them some campfire crisp.

Get the full recipe here. Source: Delish

No-Bake Blueberry Cheesecake

It doesn’t get any easier than no-bake desserts with farm-fresh blueberries. This blueberry cheesecake keeps the oven off with a crushed vanilla wafer crust pressed into a springform pan. An egg-free filling of whipped topping, marshmallow creme, cream cheese and blueberries mixes up in minutes before being poured over the wafers. After an overnight stint in the refrigerator, this cool summer treat is ready to enjoy without ever breaking a sweat.

Get the full recipe here. Source: Taste of Home

Frozen Mocha Oreo Bars

Frozen treats make great make-ahead summer desserts that are ready to serve as soon as they come out of the freezer. This recipe combines an Oreo cookie crust with a mocha filling of whipped cream, sweetened condensed milk and espresso. Freeze after topping with crushed Oreos and serve with chocolate sauce for one of our favorite summer desserts with America’s favorite cookie.

Get the full recipe here. Source: Neighbor Food

Grilled Peaches With Vanilla Ice Cream

Your trusty grill can serve up easy summer dessert recipes just as well as burgers and hot dogs. Grilled peaches with vanilla ice cream is one of those summer BBQ desserts that is effortlessly elegant. Simply halve peaches or nectarines and remove the pit before rotating on the grill over medium heat for 3-4 minutes. A scoop of vanilla ice cream enhances the sweetness of this summer fruit, creating a dessert that’s done in minutes.

Get the full recipe here. Source: What’s Gaby Cooking

Piña Colada Cookie Cups

One of our favorite summer desserts combines the tropical flavors of a piña colada with the sweetness of a cookie. After assembling, press cookie dough into muffin tins and bake. While still warm, compress the centers, making a cup for the filling. Sweetened cream cheese, toasted coconut and rum (for adult-only gatherings) create a filling that’s pure piña colada. Topped with pineapple and a cherry, you can almost feel the Hawaiian breezes.

Get the full recipe.

Get the full recipe here. Source: Delish

Summer is a time to sit back, relax, and enjoy some sweetness with easy summer dessert recipes. All of us at Sharper Service Solutions, your local appliance service company, hope you enjoy the best the season has to offer!

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