most common lg oven problems

Most Common LG Oven Problems

Our modern appliances are equipped with all kinds of bells and whistles these days. Some of these innovative features have revolutionized our cooking and made life in the kitchen much more enjoyable. Whether you are a professional chef or a busy mom, nobody has time to mess around with an oven not working. Let’s take a look at some common LG oven problems. We’ll highlight some causes for malfunction and how you can fix the problem.

Troubleshooting LG Oven Problems

The first step in troubleshooting your LG oven problems is to check the basics before you dig in deep. Sometimes, a simple error can be overlooked. Take a moment to check a few basics and then we’ll dive into more complex troubleshooting for your LG oven problems.

Oven Settings – Check your oven settings to be sure you set everything the way you needed it. If you accidentally set the temperature to 250 degrees instead of 350 degrees, that’s an easy fix!

Oven Door Ajar – most oven models have a little “catch” before the oven door closes completely. When we are in a hurry, it’s not uncommon for the oven door to remain slightly open. If you oven door is ajar, it may sound an alarm, present an error code on display, or simply not allow the oven to maintain an accurate temperature. If your LG oven is not heating, this is one of the first things to check.

Error Codes – If you discover an LG oven problem, check to see if you have an error code displayed. These codes indicate some type of malfunction and will direct you on how to resolve the problem. Your owner’s manual should have a list of error codes to reference for your model.

It’s always a good idea to schedule an appointment with a licensed technician if your initial checks don’t solve the problem. Even if you know you’ve got a technician coming, it’s not a bad idea to do further troubleshooting so you are informed about what to expect from the technician. So, if you are still experiencing LG oven problems, here are some common issues to explore.

LG Oven Not Heating

If you find your LG oven not heating, there are a few things to look at.

Igniter – Check to see if the igniter is working. The igniter gets red and lights for about 30-60 seconds- this light is reflected inside the oven cavity. If the igniter is not working, the oven will not heat. Observe the igniter when the oven is on. If the igniter glows for more than 90 seconds without igniting the gas flame, this indicates that the igniter is defective and needs to be replaced.

Bake Element – When the bake element is heating properly it glows. If the bake element is not glowing red, inspect it for holes or blisters to see if it has burned out. If you don’t see any visible signs of damage, use a multimeter to test the bake element for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace it.

Spark Electrode – The spark electrode is used to ignite the gas on the burner. If there is no spark, the gas will not ignite. Inspect the spark electrode to make sure there is no damage to the tip nor cracks in the porcelain housing. If you have visual indication the electrode is broken or worn out, replace it.

Oven Temperature Not Accurate

If the oven temperature is not accurate, or you feel like food won’t bake evenly, we’ve listed common causes for this below.

Bake Element – When the bake element is heating properly it glows. If the bake element is not glowing red, inspect it for holes or blisters to see if it has burned out. If you don’t see any visible signs of damage, use a multimeter to test the bake element for continuity. If there is no continuity, replace it.

Igniter – draws electrical current through the gas safety valve to open it. As the igniter weakens over time, it takes longer to open the gas valve. Consequently, the oven temperature may drop too low before the burner reignites, resulting in the oven temperature not being accurate.

Temperature Sensor – The temperature sensor works with the oven control board to regulate the temperature of the oven. If the oven is not maintaining an accurate temperature, you may be able to recalibrate it on your own up to 35 degrees Fahrenheit. Refer to the owner’s manual for instructions on how to calibrate the oven.

Stove Burner Won’t Light

Among the common LG oven problems is having a stove burner that won’t light, although this is certainly not exclusive to any particular brand of appliance.

Spark Electrode – The spark electrode ignites the gas in the burner assembly. If the spark electrode is defective or worn out, it may be too weak to ignite the gas. When this happens, the spark electrode will make a clicking sound when the burner is turned on, but the burner won’t light. If this is happening, replace the spark electrode.

Spark Wire – Check to make sure the spark wire is not loose or disconnected. This will prevent the spark electrode from effectively igniting the gas. If the wire is visibly burned or damaged, replace it.

Spark Module – If you have already determined the spark electrode and wire and safe and in good repair, you may have a defective spark module. The spark module provides power to each surface burner spark electrode. If the burner produces a weak spark, or if the burner sparks intermittently, the spark module might be defective. Replace the spark module if it is defective in any way.

Oven Light is Out

Light Bulb – Check to see if the current light bulb is simply burned out. You can test the bulb with a multimeter for continuity, or simply replace the bulb to see if that does the trick.

Light Socket – If the light bulb itself is not the problem, try using a multimeter to test the light socket to make sure it’s receiving power. If the light socket does not have continuity, replace the socket.

Light Assembly – If both the light bulb and socket are in working order, the light assembly may need to be replaced.

If you feel a little in over your head, call an Authorized LG Repair Service Company near you.

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