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How to Clean Between Oven Door Glass in 6 Easy Steps

Though holiday prep still seems far away, it’s almost never too early to ready your oven for a busy baking season. While cleaning the outside and interior can be fairly straightforward, addressing caked-on grime between the oven door’s glass seems nothing short of puzzling. We’ll explain how to clean between oven door glass in 6 easy steps, from gathering supplies to drying streaks for a perfect holiday shine.

A Foolproof Method to Safely Clean Between Oven Door Glass

How do you get oven clean between glass without cracking the glass? Our simple steps and worry-free techniques get the job done safely without risking harm to you or your oven. The first step in how to clean between oven door glass details how to properly remove the door to ready it for cleaning.

#1. Remove Oven Door

Before performing your oven door glass cleaning, place a towel on the floor so the door has a soft place to rest. Though we recommend referring to your owner’s manual for specific instructions, here are general guidelines for removing most oven doors:

  • Open the door fully.
  • Pull the hinge locks down towards the door frame until they’re in the unlocked position.
  • Close the door to a 75° angle before pulling it upward and out.
  • Lay the door handle-side down on the towel-covered surface.

#2. Mix Cleaning Solution

Commercial cleaners or harsh chemicals aren’t necessary to get brown stains off oven door glass. In a medium-sized basin or bucket, mix a simple solution of warm water and mild dish soap to clean safely and effectively.

#3. Prepare Cleaning Tool

The best tool to clean between glass on oven door is the one you make yourself. Simply wrap a clean dish towel around one end of a yardstick and secure it with rubber bands. Submerge the towel-covered end of the yardstick in the soapy water until it’s soaked.

#4. Clean In Between Oven Doors

To clean between oven door, gently insert the towel-covered end of the yardstick in between the opening at the bottom of the door. Circulate the stick in between the glass, taking care to soak larger stains. Let the solution sit for 2-3 minutes before scrubbing in between the glass with the yardstick.

Once all stains are removed, rinse the towel in clean water and reinsert between the door glass to remove the soapy residue.

clean between oven door glass
Image: GE Appliances via YouTube

#5. Dry In Between Oven Doors

After you clean in between glass oven door the glass must be dried to prevent streaks and condensation from forming. Remove the wet towel from the yard stick and replace it with a clean, dry paper towel or lint-free cloth. Reinsert the yard stick between the glass with the dry towel end and circulate it throughout. Allowing the door to air dry for 1 hour can further ensure it’s completely dry.

#6. Replace Oven Door

This final step in how to clean between oven door glass details how to replace the oven door once it’s fully dry. Here’s how to reinstall the door safely and easily:

  • Hold the door upright, above the oven’s frame, at the same 75° angle at which it was removed.
  • Starting with the left hinge slot, insert the hinge arm into the slot until it’s securely in place.
  • Repeat with the right hinge and slot.
  • Open the door completely and push the hinge locks against the oven frame until they’re in the locked position.
  • Close the oven door.

Your local oven repair service has all the answers from how to clean between oven door glass to even more oven cleaning tips. Call Sharper Service Solutions for all your kitchen appliance needs!

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