Paul Manning

Paul's father, Jeff, founded Sharper Service Solutions in 1984. Paul and his brother joined the team many years ago and have continued to operate it as one of the premier appliance repair companies in the Pacific Northwest, serving the greater Portland and Seattle areas.

samsung refrigerator water smells bad

6 Reasons Why Your Samsung Refrigerator Ice Smells Bad

If the first sip of an icy cold beverage yields an unpleasant smell we typically blame the glass or the beverage itself. But often the ice is at fault when something in your drink makes you wrinkle your nose. We’ll review some common causes your Samsung refrigerator ice smells bad from stale ice cubes to …

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samsung dishwasher smells

How to Clean a Samsung Dishwasher Quickly and Easily

Opening the dishwasher to find clean dishes but a smelly dishwasher can certainly make you question if your dishes are actually clean. Like all appliances, dishwashers require regular maintenance to avoid repairs and function optimally. We’ll review how to clean a Samsung dishwasher from the inside to the filter and drain pump. We’ll also get …

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christmas dessert recipes

6 Easy Dessert Recipes for Christmas Season

Dessert recipes for Christmas can be a surprising challenge. The holiday calls for something special but so many other obligations leave us little time. The experts at Sharper Service Solutions try to solve this holiday conundrum with our list of show-stopping desserts that are easy to prepare.

christmas lights portland

Top 5 Portland Christmas Events

There’s no other city quite like Portland, and that’s especially true when it comes to the Christmas season. Our sense of community is matched only by our holiday spirit, which is why there are so many great Portland Christmas events to choose from this year.

halloween portland 2018

Things to Do for Halloween in Portland

There’s no shortage of fun Halloween Portland 2019 events. There are haunted houses, spooky trails, enormous Halloween parties, and much more. Whether you’re looking for something to do with the family, or something a little more horrifying, we’ve got something for you to look forward to this October.

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