things you should never put in the dryer

7 Things You Should Never Put in the Dryer

Laundry fresh from the dryer isn’t just a convenience; it’s warmth and fresh scent make it almost a pleasure. Nevertheless, there are some items where the dryer’s heat can do more harm than good. What are things you should never put in the dryer? Delicate lace can be damaged by heat and tumbling and is best air-dried. Learn what shouldn’t go in the dryer to properly care for all materials and fabrics.

Laundry 101: Things You Should Never Put in the Dryer

Tumble drying clothes that say not to may not only harm your fabrics. It could also damage your dryer, causing stains, scratches, or even malfunctions. Skip the dryer and air dry the following items to preserve your garments as well as this trusty appliance.

1. Running Shoes

Whether it’s for high-performance activities or casual comfort, running shoes are things you should never put in the dryer. The heat can damage the rubber sole, causing it to separate from the rest of the shoe. These heavy items can also damage the dryer drum or leave behind stains and odor. While knowing how to clean a clothes dryer can help, avoid potential problems by air drying running shoes for 24 hours. Adding crumpled newspaper to the insides can absorb moisture, speeding up the process.

2. Bathing Suits

A dryer destroying clothes may not happen immediately, but over the course of repeated drying cycles. This is most evident with bathing suits, as their elasticity diminishes with heat exposure, destroying a perfect fit. Even a no-heat cycle can cause harm, as the tumbling motion ultimately leaves the material misshapen. To preserve your bathing suit’s shape and fit, gently squeeze out excess water (avoiding wringing) and lay it flat to dry.

what shouldn't go in the dryer

3. Wool Items

What shrinks in the dryer? If you’ve ever dried wool, you know that any item will shrink from adult to pint-sized. Wool’s natural, interlocking fibers contract with exposure to high heat, shrinking garments until it’s almost impossible to regain their original form. While wool blends may be fine in a typical drying cycle, consult the care label first and always air dry pure wool garments.

4. Leather and Suede

Like wool, these natural materials are also things you should never put in a dryer, as they will be permanently altered. Dryer heat causes cracking and discoloration, while any metal embellishments can scratch or damage the dryer drum. Even the heat of the sun can cause similar damage over time. To avoid damaging leather and suede items, always air dry them out of direct sunlight.

5. Denim

Can jeans go in the dryer? Using a high heat setting can permanently alter the cotton fibers. While air-drying better enables denim to retain its shape, opt for a low heat setting if you must use the dryer. Removing jeans before the cycle ends, while they’re still damp, can help preserve their fit, shape, and color.  Lastly, use a dryer sheet or dryer sheet alternatives to lessen static and odor.

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6. Faux and Natural Fur

Faux and natural fur pieces are things you should never put in the dryer. Like suede, the lining of natural fur can crack when exposed to heat, causing the fur to fall out. Meanwhile, drying faux fur can cause tangling and even melting. Always hang fur items to air dry and use a wide-tooth comb to gently separate strands once dry.

7. Sequin and Beaded Embellishments

If you want to preserve their texture and color, clothes with beads and sequins are things you should never put in the dryer. The heat can melt the glue that secures them, causing these embellishments to loosen and fall off. Even if they don’t loosen, heat and tumbling can damage beading and sequins, permanently altering their appearance. To preserve their ornamentation, air-dry these garments by hanging or laying them flat.

Even if you use your dryer appropriately, malfunctions and part failures can still occur. When you need a dryer repair service, contact Sharper Service Solutions for a fast and professional repair.

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